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My name is Jennifer Bec-Rodriguez I am native of West Palm Beach, Florida. I have a Bachelors in Science in Criminal Justice worked a 9 to 5 job as a Legal Office Administrator in addition I am a Real Estate Agent, insurance agent, mobile notary and a mom I still decided to take on the journey of being a Havanese Breeder as well. I always enjoyed animals and having a dog all  my life I knew it was just the right hobby and lifestyle to provide to my son Ray.

My Story

After losing my 14 year old Labrador Sandy I decided to purchase my first two green eyed chocolate Beauties Mya and Teddy for my 2 year old son Ray whom were both born in February 2017.


I founded Havanese Beauties in March 2017 when my two Beauties were old enough to come home.   


Coming from Cuban parents whom fled the country in 1980 I thought it would be just the right breed for me given the Havanese come originally from my  roots in Havana, Cuba. I pride myself in providing the upmost quality of life to my Beauties as well as providing new fur baby owners excellent customer service by offering the opportunity for new owners to interact personally with their new babies as often as needed and personally bringing your new fur baby Nationwide!


I maintain close communication by providing weekly updates with photos and videos. In April 2018 Havanese Beauties officially had their first litter of 7 seeing the joy and happiness brought into each of the new owners I knew it was the beginning of an amazing new career. Later in 2018 I added another beauty named Mia by 2022 being overjoyed by so many positive feedback and word of mouth referrals now we have 4 Havanese female: Mya, Mia, Chloe and Zoey and of course Teddy and now Jasper a gorgeous white chocolate male who will bring us lighter chocolate Beauties to provide more color varieties.

By then I knew it was time to expand. In January of 2022 not only adding more fur Beauties also added 2 best friends of over 15 years to share this amazing journey with, Judith Garcia from Dominican Republic and Tannya Chang from Ecuador whom both also share the passion for fur babies. We are working around the clock to make sure we provide you with top of the line service and quality fur babies. We look forward to working with you and hope that you choose us for your next fur baby to join our Havanese Beauties Family too.


I can be reached by new puppy buyers at all hours by call/text, from the first time you contact and through the life of your puppy. My job is to help support you in finding and enjoying your perfect puppy!


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